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Types of Appraisal Reports*

Insurance Appraisals

We are experts in both the pre-loss and post-loss valuations that are critical to provide full protection of value for your works of art.

Donation Appraisals

Donation appraisals, required by the Internal Revenue Service, are prepared with careful, thoughtful and defensible analyses fully compliant with all relevant rules and regulations.

Estate Appraisals

Estate appraisals are required on the death of an artist or collector to compute the proper value of the art for federal estate and gift tax purposes. IRS-approved methodology is used to substantiate the conclusion of value.

Marriage and Partnership Dissolution Appraisals

Marriage and Partnership Dissolution Appraisals are essential for equitable property distributions.

Fine Art Loss and Damage Loss Appraisal

A loss of value is determined based upon the monetary worth of a work of fine art both before and after the damage.

*USPAP compliant: All reports conform to specified rules and regulations of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice

Art Consultancy

Collection Management

Collection management services include advice on selecting works to be included in a collection, cataloging and appraising individual works of art, framing, storage and conservation techniques and direction on exhibiting a collection.

Marketing Consultation

Market consultation includes advice on buying and selling works of art, with attention to market conditions, client objectives, and aesthetic concerns.

Lectures and Symposia

Hartman & Company creates specialized presentations on all aspects of appraising and collecting contemporary art.

Curatorial Services

Curatorial services are provided to non-profit entities to effectively and creatively organize an exhibition or collection.